Experience Alaska’s Northern Lights When You Can’t Travel Abroad

July 14, 2021 / 2 years ago

Americans are seeking destinations closer to home to experience the beauty of the aurora this upcoming season. Perched on a nunatak 6,000 ft above the Don Sheldon Amphitheater on Denali National Park’s Ruth Glacier, Sheldon Chalet is only accessible by helicopter from Anchorage or Talkeetna. Five acres of scenic private property at this luxury chalet offers exclusive access to views of some of the most dramatic vistas in the Alaska Range.

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This engineering marvel is a remote, yet luxurious experience where you will find yourself without internet access, allowing them to truly get off the grid. From mid-September to mid-April, under clear weather conditions, the vivid and awe-inspiring blue, green, and purple colors of the Aurora Borealis reflect off the snowy peaks and glaciers and are visible from the chalet with a clarity rarely experienced elsewhere. In the upcoming fall and winter season Denali offers prime aurora borealis and meteorological viewing, full moon glacier treks and golden sunrises. Sheldon Chalet provides the best way to explore Denali in true comfort and luxury. Spend your day skiing, sledding or glacier trekking on Ruth Glacier and end it with a cozy fireside evening and gourmet dinner prepared by Sheldon Chalet’s chef showcasing the finest Alaskan sourced ingredients.

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With clear skies, lunar and solar events illuminate the night brighter than winter daylight hours. There is an excellent probability for aurora activity in the weeks around the fall and spring Equinox. Taurus and Orion glimmer above the glacier, and in the summer the stars of Hercules and Sagittarius shine through the pristine mountain air.

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